"Mr. Healy has created a charming collage of photos which capture, better than words, the spirit of the Ireland we remember, or would like to see. The ancient tombs, carvings, abbeys and castles remind us of long-ago history; the well-framed photos of countryside and town invite us to visit once more. Mr. Healy also shows an artist's eye in the manner in which he captures gardens large and small, as well as small-town shops and restaurants. This book is a gem." Esther J., Fairfax, Va.

"This is a magic collection of photos of one of my favorite countries. Anyone would enjoy having these lovely photos to gaze at anytime they need a mini-vacation. You cannot go wrong!" Carol K.

"Mr. Healy's photogenic eye captures the best of the Emerald Isle in all its splendor and natural beauty. A great book that keeps its promise to take the reader on a photographic journey throughout Ireland. A wide range of pictures that include historic sites, villages, and the lush Irish-green countryside. If photography is intended to make the uninteresting interesting, then this book makes the most interesting into the most fascinating. It is a good study for any photographer, amateur or professional, to review techniques, perspectives, and formatting. A five star book that will create a wonderlust for any traveler to visit Ireland." John K., Tennessee

"Here's your chance to look at Ireland forever! Extremely well-done collection of great photos, beautiful scenery, all in digital, take-it/keep-it/don't-forget-it form. And for under $3, this is the biggest bang-for-the-buck, emerald-isle trip you'll likely ever take! Highly recommended!!" Bill B., Chicago, IL.


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